In-School Field Trips

 I will make painting kits/drawing kits for your students and deliver them to your school site. Schedule me to drop them off before a pick up day. The painting kits will include a disposable apron and table cover (cut ithe table cover in half for the floor too), paints, brushes, cardboard easel, canvas and napkins. The drawing kits contain a $20 drawing kit with 19 color pencils, 6 sketching pencils, 10 soft pastels, blending stumps, sharpener, 2 erasers, 6x8 drawing pad AND a 50 page 9x12 drawing pad. The students will keep all the supplies.

The school provides the zoom, teams or classroom link since i can't make sure all cameras are on, muted, answer chats and teach. 

Here is a video of the video instructing how to assemble thecardboard easel.

You will contact me at and set up the date, time, number of students and painting or drawing you've chosen. You can check the calendar to see if the date and time is available and then will choose from the Gallery of paintings.

The younger grades (K-2) do well with simpler paintings like: The Beach, Glow in the Dark Fireflies, Big Butterfly, Cupcake, Big Rainbow Tree, Dragon's Eye, and Amethyst in a Jar.

The students need to be at least 5 years old (end of kindergarten) so they possess the developmental skills needed to be successful. The students should be able to write legibly for hand and eye coordination and follow directions for two hours.

Plan at least 30 min before class to log in and to set up easles and make sure were all online. 

Pixie is a credentialed master teacher of 27 years with certificates in early childhood, art, and special education. She will provide direct instruction so all your students will be successful and help them produce beautiful art everyone will be proud of. 








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