In-School Field Trip

In school field trip are done before 12pm (lunch) because the block after lunch isn't usually 2 hours. I can set up before school and be ready when school starts. 8am to 10am works great.

$20 per student

The younger grades (K-2) do well with simpler paintings like: The Clouds, The Beach, Glow in the Dark Fireflies, Glow in the Dark Christmas tree, Jewled Christmas Tree, Big Butterfly, Cupcake, Big Rainbow Tree, Dragon's Eye, Spiral Sky, Amethyst in a Jar, and Flowers on Black.

The Artist in Me can bring more fine arts to your school like 16x20 acrylic painting, clay animal sculptures and high end crafts for gifts. We bring all the supplies and expertise to your students during the school day and after school. For an estimate, let us know if it is for an in-school field trip, include the school name plus district, the age and number of students plus which painting you've chosen from the gallery. You can check the calendar to see if the dat and time is available and then will choose from the Gallery of paintings.

Pixie is a credentialed master teacher of 25 years with certifiactes in early childhood, art, and special education. She will provide direct instruction so all your students will be successful and help them produce beautiful art everyone will be proud of. 

The students need to be at least 5 years old (end of kindergarten) so they possess the developmental skills needed to be successful. The students should be able to write legibly for hand and eye coordination and follow directions for two hours.

A full two hours is needed to complete the painting with at least 30 min before class to set up with help. 

See the diagram below about how to arrange the tables and chairs. 



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