We are only able to schedule private parties starting in September. A ZOOM event is when I make painting kits for your guests and deliver them to you, like after a Tupperware party, and then you get the kits to your guests. The kits will include a disposable apron and table cover (cut ithe table cover in half for the floor too), paints, brushes, cardboard easel, and napkins. These events are $30 for kids and $35 for adults in the Fresno area and $40 and $35 outside Fresno because you will be keeping all the supplies. We will zoom a bit before we start to make sure everyone is online. I teach from home and you and your guests follow along. It is a  learning curve for everone but we will make it work.

You will contact me at theartistinme.fresno@gmail.com and set up the date, time and painting you've chosen from the gallery at https://theartistinme.us/gallery-details.php?galleryid=6 

To reserve your event, I will create an online event on the calendar where you purchase 15 (tminimum) tickets OR I will send you a quickbooks invoice for A FCOE PO.

Upcoming Classes