The most amazing gift you offer is an experience that bonds them in creativity and joy. The paintings that your guests create become their party favor. 

The cost for in person events is $30 per adult or $25 per childs (under13 yrs old) in the Fresno area and outside Fresno, it is $35 and $30. For Zoom events it is $35 per adult or $30 per child (under 13) in the Fresno area and outside Fresno, it is $40 for adults and $35.

You will choose your painting from the gallery online and check the calendar to verify that the day/time you are requesting is available. Then email Pixie at theartistinme.fresno@gmail.com and request your party. After I create the event online, you will sign up your guests (15.person minimum) online buying "tickets" at the time you make the reservation to hold the date and time. You can have up to 60 guests in person and its unlimited how many guests you have on zoom. I don't need all your guests contact info, just the organizer's info listed as the first guest.

For a ZOOM event,I make the painting kits for your guests and deliver them to you, and like after a Tupperware party, you provide the kits to your guests. The kits will include a disposable apron and table cover (cut it in half for the floor too), paints, brushes, cardboard easel,and napkins. 

For a mobile in person event: The most essential requirement of a mobile painting party is the location. You will need a location that will accommodate all your guests (15 minimum or 60 maximum), be located indoors with climate control, good lights and table and chairs for all your guests.The Pizza Factory Ave 12 and Logan's Roadhouse is perfect for Monday thru Thursday in the evening or during the day between lunch and dinner. You can have pizza or food platters there! Just let Pixie know you'd like her to book with the Pizza Factory or Logans Roadhouse. Clovis Memorial hall is $261 for a room. If you have any other ideas of where else you'd like to hold your event, just let Pixie know.

There is a $150 cancellation fee for private mobile parties.

See this diagarm for the best way to set up the tables and chairs:



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