In Person After School Program

In person painting events can be tricky with the new regulations. If the students are social distanced and are more than 30 feet away from me, then they won't be able to see the sample and instruction. When everyone sits right next to each other, I can teach 60 people in the cafeteria. The ideal enviroment is 30 students in a classroom with desks tables rearanged in rows (see chart below). Until we can sit close enough, it might be best to use the big overhead screens and do a virtual event where everyone can see me no matter how far apart they have to sit. Go to Virtual After School Events for more info on that.

To create an invoice (Quote) I need: the date (see online calendar), time, number of students, painting chosen (see online gallery), the name and email of site lead and program specialist. After the event, please sign and submit the PO to the program specialist to ensure timely payment. Acceptance of the invoice and reserving your event on The Artist In Me calendar is a contractual commitment and a 15% cancellation fee is mandatory if it is cancelled 14 days prior to the event.

The price ranges from $25 to $35 depending on how far a district is to Fresno. See district price chart below.

The students need to be at least 5 years old (end of kindergarten) so they pThe Beach, Glow in the Dark Fireflies, Big Butterfly, Cupcake, Big Rainbow Tree, Dragon's Eye, and Amethyst in a Jar.ossess the developmental skills needed to be successful. The students should be able to write legibly for hand and eye coordination and follow directions for two hours.

I will arrive 45 min before class to set up in the cafeteria or classroom. 

Pixie is a credentialed master teacher of 27 years with certificates in early childhood, art, and special education. She will provide direct instruction so all your students will be successful and help them produce beautiful art everyone will be proud of. 








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