After School Program

The Artist in Me can bring fine arts to your school las they create a16x20. We bring all the supplies. Pixie has 25 years of teaching experience and 3 teaching credentials including Special Education to ensure all your students are successful. 

The students need to be at least 6 years old (developmentally) The students should be able to write legibly for hand and eye coordination and follow directions for two hours (end of the year kindergartners)

Search the calendar (hyperlink) to be sure the date you need is available andchoose from the Galley (hyperlink) of paintings then decide the exact number of students who are going to partisipate. Email Pixie at with these three peices of infromation. She will send you and invoice to submit for a PO. Please send her a copy of the PO as soon as you recive it. Available Saturdays and summer school.

The cost per student is $25, $30 or $35 by district. See price list as documented at the bottom of the page.

If it has to be fast, or in an hour and a half or so, I recommend the Clouds, Fireflies, Unicorn, Dragons Eye, Lion, Eagle, Pumpkins, Rainbow Grove, Wave, Purple dragonflies, Heart, Big Rainbow Tree, Spiral Sky, Amethyst in a Jar.

The younger grades (K-2) do well with simpler paintings like: The Beach, Glow in the Dark Fireflies, Wave, Heart, Christmas Tree, Snowman, Big Butterfly, Cupcake, Big Rainbow Tree, Dragon's Eye, Spiral Sky, Amethyst in a Jar, and Flowers on Black.

A full two hours is needed to complete the painting with at least an hour to set up before class with help. 

Plan the fastest type of snack for that day so we can start as soon as possible and finish before parents come. You can also let parents know that we will be painting so they plan accordingly too.

See the diagram below about how to arrange the tables. Cafeterias work great because they are already arranged this way and the paint comes of easily. 


See videos of our in-school field trips from this button: VIDEO



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