"Compassion" 4x6 Greeting cards of Jesus

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This is a set of FOUR greeting cards on linen paper individually wrapped in cellophane. They are the perfect size for framing making them a perfect gift and a holiday card. The cards come in 4x6 with a sight sheen to emulate the texture of acrylic watercolor. The cards are sold individually at local shops for $8 each but here you can order four for $25.00.

This is Teresa Mathias’ first acrylic painting created for the public. Although Teresa is a well-known teacher of acrylic painting at all the Fresno County Schools (aka Pixie), she had never attempted to paint something specifically for the public because she couldn’t think of a subject matter that inspired her. She decided to try and capture the emotion she feels most reflected through Jesus, compassion. Her intention in offering this work of art is to bring more compassion into the homes of more people around the world.


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