Paint Your Pet

Wednesday, August 15,2018 from 6:00pm to 9:00pm
Wedneday, August 15th,2018 from 6 pm to 9 pm
Location: The Pizza Factory. 7775 N. First Street. Fresno, CA 93720
One pet picture per online order/person.
Paint Your Pet is a custom paint class for beginners to advanced. Pixie will explain a bit about what to expect (so be on time) and demo a little of the painting tips. However, you really learn by doing. Be brave. You will paint your pet twice. The first layer, you’re figuring it out and acrylic can be transparent. The second coat, you are not timid anymore and your confidence really begins to show in how freely you add paint, blend and allow for more depth of color. Just know, you will become frustrated and confused but that will prove you’re doing it perfectly because you can't avoid the anxiety of failing in our culture. So just expect it. Pixie is constantly walking around and offering suggestions and not allowing you to obsess too much. So much personal attention assures a wonderful outcome and is why the class is limited to 15. As the class begins to wind down (3 hours can be long), Pixie will do the eyes and noses for you. That said, everyone needs their eyes and noses to be done near the same time. So, as soon as the face is done, speak up and she will rush over.
1) A separate order online is needed for EACH pet picture/person. 
2) Upload your pet picture. Some cropping can be done by Pixie but answer her emails (use a good email when registering) in case a question about it arises.
3) Pixie will custom draw your pet on a 16x20 canvas
3) A $5.00 credit toward food or drink will be offered with each painting class. You are invited to order food in advance (559-447-9500) or in person as The Pizza Factory is kind enough to let us their space (take something to go!) 


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