Volunteer at Sunshine Camp- Free

Saturday, June 23,2018 from 12:00pm to 3:00pm

The event is held at St. Agnes in the newest "North Wing" section where medical education is held, close to Herndon Ave. See attached for the map.

The children partisipating have all experinced a loss and the painting of the Monarch is the culminating activity on the last day. Right after lunch, we rush them out so we can set up in the cafeteria. It takes an hour but we are going to try to do it in a half hour. Then, the children partisipate in the class where you can help them stay on task, repeat intructions and be encouraging! They will have a beautiful butterfly to take home. After that, we clean up that takes just 15 min. So great!

We're sorry, but this event's date has passed,
but please check the calendar for more upcoming classes like this one!